Why Now?

With the new Ontario Provincial Government incentives currently in place for encouraging the province to produce more “green” power, this makes it a good time to invest in alternative energy. The Ontario Power Authority has increased renewable energy rates for selling power to the grid, which has in turn, increased the rate of return significantly. The Feed In Tariff program initiated by the Ontario Power Authority, has made producing renewable energy a viable option for homeowners, commercial scale operations, and industrial sized power plants. We can help you get connected in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Whatever the size of project, Wintek can help you.


Feed In Tariff (FIT) Program

The Feed In Tariff program is an initiative of the Ontario Power Authority, which was inspired by the new Ontario Legislation, the Green Energy Act. The FIT program is designed to speed up the process of creating more “green” energy in Ontario. With this new incentive in place, thousands of jobs will be created in the renewable energy industry in Ontario. The FIT program guarantees power producers a much greater rate of return compared to the old Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP). These new FIT and microFIT contracts will have a duration of 20 years. The exception is waterpower contracts, which will be signed for 40 years.


microFIT Program

The OPA’s new initiative is subdivided into two separate programs; the FIT and the microFIT program. FIT is responsible for dealing with projects greater than 10kW in size and the microFIT program deals with any project that is 10 kW or less. The microFit program is a condensed version of the FIT program and has been designed to make signing a contract with the OPA a much simpler process. Since, microFIT projects are relatively small; the energy producer will receive a much higher rate per kWh to offset the higher cost of small projects. The full price schedule and more information on the FIT and microFIT programs can be found on the OPA FIT website (http://fit.powerauthority.on.ca/).


What is Involved in Connecting to the Grid?

Single Line Diagrams

Hydro One Form A, B, or C Signed and Sealed by a Professional Engineer

Short Circuit Calculations and Protective Coordination

Coordination with Hydro One or the Local Distribution Company

Addition of a Second Meter or a Bidirectional Meter

Plan Approval and Coordination with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

Application for FIT or microFIT through Ontario Power Authority

Hydro One Confirmation of Verification Evidence Report (COVER Form) Signed By a Qualified Professional Engineer


How Can WINTEK Get You There?

WINTEK can assemble a cost-effective strategy and achievable plan for bringing your facility onto the grid. Through our knowledgeable and experienced staff we can aid you in the design and coordination of your next alternative energy project. By our involvement in many similar alternative energy projects we can help you achieve your goals and can provide you with a properly engineered single line diagram of the renewable energy system, coordination with the Local Distribution Company and the Electrical Safety Association. Also, we can assist you in the completion of the proper FIT or microFIT forms to help you get the contract with little or no troubles.


Choose The Right Firm

This work is electrical engineering in its truest sense. Allowing an unqualified person to perform the project coordination is failing to apply due diligence and can end up costing more in the long run as a Professional Engineer is required to approve of the system before allowing connection to the grid. Ask the firm to provide sample projects, references, and their methodology for the work. This will go a long way to ensuring your money will be well spent and the job performed correctly.

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We are always happy to answer your questions and send you information. We value all of our present and future clients and look forward to working in new and challenging situations.



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