WINTEK Engineering Limited is able to draw upon an extensive range of engineering skills to provide solutions for any industry. Our experience and understanding of industry-specific challenges allows us to supply our customers with technically correct solutions to meet all of our clients needs.

Waste Water
  • WINTEK has overseen the development and construction of several high-volume effluent plants for our customers. These facilities process waste water from food production processes and wash-downs to remove solid waste and hazardous materials. Processed water is returned to the local sewage system.  More...

Power Generation
  • WINTEK has vast experience in the areas of high and low voltage power generation and distribution. Our staff has been involved with the design and installation and commissioning of both high and low voltage substations as well as co-generation and alternate energy generation systems.  More...

  • The Automotive industry is one of the biggest in Canada and North America as a whole. The automotive industry is one where down time in production can have great negative effects on the bottom line. WINTEK understands this concept and works closely with its clients to provide timely assistance in the areas of safety audits and safety design as well as power additions and power distribution system design.  More...

Food Processing












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