Experience, Ingenuity and Professionalism are the hallmarks of WINTEK Engineering Limited. Our engineers have successfully trained hundreds of technical professionals across Canada. The value of this training is in the coverage of basic theory with numerous practical examples and real life situations to bring a full understanding of the concepts to the participant. Courses are presented in a way that an expert or novice can easily grasp.

WINTEK also ensures that its engineers have the most current and up to date information possible by funding continuing education opportunities as well as maintaining a library of up-to-date reference materials guaranteeing its customers cutting edge training and education.

Training employees to enhance their ability to do their jobs provides huge benefits to the bottom line:

  • Motivates the employee as he or she feel that they are important to the organization and have something to contribute to the successful operation of your firm.
  • Provides in-house expertise that translates into less “contracted-out” services and their associated costs.
  • Shows employees how to proactively identify and correct potential hazards and costly breakdowns.
  • Time critical situations can be addressed faster resulting in less downtime.
  • Better trained employees give firms a significant edge over competition that uses unskilled labour.
  • Operators, trades-people, supervisors, managers, engineers, and support staff should all be considered in a corporate training initiative.

Safety Topics

  • Arc Flash Safety Training
  • Z142-10 (R2014) Power Press Safety Code
  • Z434-14 Robot Safety Code
  • Z432-16 Machine Safeguarding

Training Formats

Courses are normally held at an outside facility and open to the general public. Course duration is usually a full or half day. We also can assemble programs that are specific to your needs and equipment types. These can be presented off-site or in training facilities at your location.

The course length is dependent on the subject material and the level of detail required. Allowance for multiple shift operations can be made.

Materials and Follow-Up

Participants are given complete manuals of presentation materials. This allows use of this valuable reference material back on the job. Our trainers are always available to answer follow-up questions that arise after the courses has finished.

Quality Assurance

All of our training presentations are professionally prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint. Certificates of completion are issued to all participants who complete the course. Testing can be arranged to meet quality assurance requirements.