WINTEK Engineering Limited has been involved in a variety of power systems projects ranging from the design of large substations and generators with required power distribution networks to customer emergency support. We have the experience, expertise and support staff to provide timely and reliable support to our customers. Since 1994, WINTEK has built a solid reputation for over-all engineering design excellence.

Power Quality Audits

  • Harmonics

  • Transients

  • Troubleshooting

System Design

  • Substations

  • Co-Generation

  • Switchgear and MCC’s

  • Grounding

  • Computer installations

System Analysis

  • Protective co-ordination

  • Energy and demand

  • Power factor

  • Load studies

  • System hot spots


  • Maintenance and operating procedures

Emergency Support

  • Back-up and emergency power

  • Equipment failures

  • Safety issues


Power Systems Solutions - Wintek Goes Further

Experience, Ingenuity and Professionalism are the hallmarks of WINTEK Engineering Limited. Our engineers have years of successful experience in designing, operating, and maintaining large industrial and commercial power systems. This experience means that our team is able to identify safety and reliability concerns that are commonly missed. We “design out” these factors in innovative ways, saving you downtime and loss in profits.
WINTEK also ensures that its engineers have the most current and up to date information possible by funding continuing education opportunities as well as maintaining a library of up-to-date reference materials guaranteeing its customers cutting edge solutions to all of their electrical engineering problems.

We have a great history, full of successful projects and gratified customers. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Unbiased Recommendations

WINTEK does not sell products and is not affiliated with any manufacturers or distributors. Therefore our customers can be assured that WINTEK’s recommendations regarding equipment needed are completely unbiased and optimal for the application or project at hand.

Field Experience

For customers who require assistance analyzing their electrical power system, WINTEK can provide answers to any power system problems that may be uncovered. With sophisticated monitoring equipment and our extensive experience in troubleshooting power systems, we can quickly identify system problems and focus in on providing cost-effective solutions.


We understand the costs associated with equipment downtime and damage due to power quality problems. Our staff is available when you need us to quickly resolve any power issue that threatens to impact your facility. We have the contacts to mobilize the necessary resources to get you back on line quickly and cost-effectively.

Value Added

Our services are available at competitive fixed costs or hourly rates. Our experience allows us to accomplish more in a given time frame, providing our clients with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

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