WINTEK has vast experience in the areas of high and low voltage power generation and distribution. Our staff has been involved with the design and installation and commissioning of both high and low voltage substations as well as co-generation and alternate energy generation systems.

As everyone knows, the necessity of co-generation and alternative power systems are both increasing rapidly as the market for energy increases both nationally and globally. With no new nuclear power facilities scheduled locally and the continuing rise in fossil fuels on a world wide scale, the need for alternative energy sources are quickly become essential. WINTEK has the experience and expertise in the areas of wind, hydro and co-generation and will work closely with its clients to develop a system that is right for them.

WINTEK also performs power quality analysis for its clients. Power monitoring equipment is used to monitor the power systems for transients, power factor and harmonics. This equipment can be installed for several hours, or several days. WINTEK staff use their expertise to generate reports based the measurements and suggest remedial measures for the power system. WINTEK can then design the solutions, giving a complete package from problem detection through to solution.

Wintek can analyse your power distribution system to identify arc flash boundaries, flash hazard, and category of PPE required for panels in you your plant or facility. We will work with you to develop a program for your electrical workers. We can also help you lower arc flash hazard at desired points in your plant effectively lowering the level of PPE required but more importantly lowering the danger to your employees.



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